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MKR is a simple, yet powerful, tilting mechanism made of rubber and steel.


This mechanism creates the best and most comfortable tilting function in seating furniture.


It is small and easy to hide under the furniture, and sets no limits to the design of the chair itself.


There is full design freedom around the small mechanism, and the steel frames will be adapted to your design.


The rubber in the mechanism is available in two hardness's, which is compressed at maximum 30% when tilting.


Rubber and mounting plate are not glued together, so there is no danger of de-lamination.

Calculation of steel frame for molds can be done digitally.

Swivel is available in three different heights.


is known for its furniture production, design and product development. Many famous designers, with national and international viable successes, have their roots from Sykkylven. Outside our core business with product development, function and frame production, we have access to unique expertise in design, confectioning, woodworking and molded foam. This network opens for opportunities for simplification of your value chain.



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