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Reflects your movements

Dyfosit® Reflects your movements is a registered brand from Sykkylven Stål AS, Norway.

Our ambition and intention with Dyfosit® is to develop chair concepts from product development to finished concept. Together we create comfort.
We develop and manufacture innovative functions and components for recliners and other seating furniture, which guarantee you first-class comfort.

Our patented systems reflect your movements.

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Sykkylven Stål

Sykkylven is known for its furniture production, design and product development.
Many well-known designers, with viable national and international successes, have their roots in Sykkylven. Outside of our core business of product development, function and frame production, we have access to unique expertise in design, assembly, woodworking and cold foam. This network opens up opportunities around a simplification of your value chain. It provides innovative functions and components for recliners and other seating furniture, which guarantee you first-class comfort.

Design freedom

As a designer, you should have room to unleash your creativity, uninhibited by suspension points that force the design into constrained structures. You have freer reins and more leeway to unfold your creativity with Dyfosit®.


As a consumer, you should have a piece of furniture that does not only look good, but a piece of furniture that you can enjoy and be comfortable in for hours at a time. You should be able to sit and relax while binge-watching your favorite show or reading a book from cover to cover.


Keeping Norwegian quality is paramount to us. With quality- and environmentally certifications ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001, we can assure predictability, sustainability, and durability whether you are a designer, a customer, or a consumer.
Read more about sustainability here.

"Our feelings from Kebe - and this is of course backed up by dialogue with our customers at the showings are really positive. It provides a significantly different comfort that is achieved by lowering the seat at the back and laying the back down from here. A calm movement that gives the lovely relaxing feeling of relaxation or de-stressing from a long day - and a comfortable, solid and safe feeling of quality in the functionality.Regardless of the type of expression in the chair we build on MK5, we create this fantastic comfort and safety. We have high expectations that Kebe Dynamic Comfort, which is our brand of Kebe's Dynamic foam comfort and Dyfosit® MK5 chairs series, is to be Kebe's flagship collection. Kebe Dynamic Comfort is our new high end product series - which will take our dealers worldwide and the new end customers by storm , in the mid to high end design segment, we expect to hit with this new range of top comfortable well - designed armchairs."

Torben T. Petersen

Commercial Director


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Sykkylven Stål AS

Vikøyra Industriområde  6

NO- 6230 Sykkylven

+47 70 25 54 70

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