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Dyfosit® reflects your movements is a registered trademark of Sykkylven Stål AS.

Dyfosit® Reflects your movements was registered as a trademark in 2019, but the story began long before Sykkylven Stål, as we know it today.

Behind the brand there is over 60 years of experience with the development and production of functions and components for the nearby furniture cluster. Here we have primarily produced according to the customer's required specification.

The chances that you have sat in a chair with components or functions from Sykkylven Stål are big.

When the financial crisis hit the world in 2007-2008, we lost large parts of our income overnight as a result of outsourcing and cuts in the cluster. To survive, we depended on change. Turning off the lights and locking the doors for good was never an option. The management embarked on a comprehensive restructuring, and it was clear; we had to move away from made-to-order production and  over to designed for production-products and standardized solutions where we would adapt the products to the customers needs.

The product development department, together with the sales- and marketing department, has in recent years worked hard to capture and understand the needs and wants in the market. We develop and produce functional systems that others have not been able to develop, solutions that are in demand. Designers should be able to have more leeway for creativity and the end customer should be able to enjoy the furniture longer. This innovative drive and expertise is what has created and continues to create the best solutions and functional systems. This drive is Dyfosit®.


Dyfosit® is comfort, Dyfosit® is design freedom, Dyfosit® is quality.

Dyfosit® Reflects your movements.

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