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We have an obligation to society and future generations to think and live sustainably.

Read more about our sustainability work under.

Sustainbility report

Dyfosit focuses on the environment, and on that occasion we have worked on our first sustainability report with our sister company Sykkylven Stål. This report reflects our work as of today, and focuses on sustainability work and how we can contribute to a better environment for our planet going forward.

Sustainbility report


Sustainbility report

Power Point (PDF)

Pekepenn og finger på dokumentet

ISO certifications

Dyfosit is certified to the standards ISO 9001 ,

ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 through our holding company Sykkylven Stål Holding AS.

We are proud of these certifications, and we are continuously working on efficiencies and improvements in all parts of our value chain.

ISO certification

Other certifications

Green dot Norway: approved recovery and recycling company for packaging.

Green dot Norway certification

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