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Geir Kvalvåg

Marketing Manager Formfin

Formfin has a strong focus on solid Norwegian quality, throughout. We get this from Dyfosit®. We have the customers' wishes as a guideline, focus on freedom of choice and we must be adaptable. These are values ​​and properties we see again at Sykkylven Stål and within the brand Dyfosit®.

Dyfosit® creates innovative solutions that raise the comfort of the furniture and give us the opportunity to safeguard Formfin's identity through increased design freedom.



Ole Håvard Stavseng


The family business Stordal Møbel As has its roots back to 1932 when Ole Gustav Stavseng established his first factory. Making furniture that lasts, based on real Norwegian quality, has been a guideline since the beginning. The company today develops, produces and sells chairs and sofas for the Premium segment under the STORDAL® brand. This means that we deliver to customers who know what they want and who place great demands on both quality, design and comfort, and who are naturally environmentally conscious. The company received its first design award already in 1970 with the recliner Rektangel. In recent years, we have also worked closely with Sykkylven Stål, which has developed some exciting mechanical solutions that we use in some of our new recliners and which have been well received in the market. We can sometimes be perceived as a rather demanding customer, but in our segment the expectations of our customers are high. Sykkylven Stål has shown the ability and willingness to find good solutions together with Stordal on this.



Brunstad AS will be a leading developer and manufacturer of upholstered furniture in Scandinavia. Our most important product values are Quality, Comfort and Design. In addition, innovation, good logistics and delivery precision are important factors for us. We depend on skilled suppliers, and Sykkylven Stål is an innovative, future-oriented and reliable supplier with whom we have collaborated for many years.

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Torben Petersen

Commercial Director

"Our feelings from Kebe - and this is of course backed up by dialogue with our customers at the shows are really nice. It is a significantly different comfort that is achieved by lowering the seat at the back and laying the back down from here. A calm movement that gives the lovely relaxing feeling of relaxation or de-stressing from a long day - and a comfortable and solid and safe feeling of quality in the functionality. Regardless of the type of expression in the chair we build on MK5, we create this fantastic comfort and safety.We have high expectations that Kebe Dynamic Comfort, which is our brand of Kebe's Dynamic foam comfort and Dyfosit® MK5 chairs series, is to be Kebe's flagship collection. Kebe Dynamic Comfort is our new high end product series - which will take our dealers worldwide and the new end customers by storm, in the mid to high end design segment, we expect to hit with this new range of top comfortable well - designed armchairs. "

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