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This functional system is, to date, the most widely used on the market.


The unique slide provides high mobility in the furniture, and hence high comfort.


The patented "Active Release" headrest-function moves naturally with the backrest, so that the upper body is balanced naturally.This active release function can be overridden by manually moving it to the desired position.


The design freedom is great, the back and seat frame will be adapted to your design, and you are not dependent on beams as suspension points.


MK2AR is a patented system with snap couplings in all joints. This makes installation easy and safe.


Tested and approved according to European standards.


We use nylon straps in the seat to preserve firmness and shape.


We use No-saw springs in the back to preserve firmness and shape.


Calculation of steel frame for molds can be done digitally.


Swivel is available in three different heights.


Siutable for molded foam. 



is known for its furniture production, design and product development. Many famous designers, with national and international viable successes, have their roots from Sykkylven. Outside our core business with product development, function and frame production, we have access to unique expertise in design, confectioning, woodworking and molded foam. This network opens for opportunities for simplification of your value chain.



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